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Brussels Sprouts Recipes

brussels sprouts

My apologies for my lack of updates this week. I was away from home and had planned to update the blog as usual, but somehow I could not access my blog software from there.

In the comments to a recent post IFitAndHealthy asked what my favorite vegan recipes are. I must admit I did not have an immediate answer to that. I also realize my sunday recipes are far from superhealthy and that that may give the impression that you should do as I say, not as I do. In reality, I really do like healthy foods, but my healthy meals just are not that impressive. Toss cucumber and tomatoes, top with sunflower seeds hardly counts as a recipe, does it? I am fortunate that I really like plain vegetables. When I am lazy, I just steam a boxed of frozen green beans for lunch.

I was overjoyed when I found fresh brussels sprouts in stores again. I now remember my favorite recipe: plain boiled brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts are both green and cruciferous. They are excellent sources of vitamin A, C and K. Cruciferous vegetables kill cancer cells and green vegetables are nutritional powerhouses.

For people who are a little more enthusiast cooks than I am, here are a couple of brussels sprouts recipes that really do look delicious:

Not all these recipes are totally healthy, but they are easy to adapt. Reduce oil and salt if necessary.


September 24, 2006