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Dangerfoods: conclusion


This post concludes the series on dangerfoods. Here is a listing of the four topics in this series:

My general conclusion is that you should not worry too much about the hyped dangerfoods. The evidence is often inconclusive (with the exception of the evidence on trans fat) whereas the evidence of the benefits of eating lots of vegetables are clear and undisputable. High intake of HFCS, Aspartame, MSG and trans fat is almost always a sign of an unhealthy diet in other ways.

I think the scaremongering websites about these dangerfoods are actually dangerous in themselves, because they make people think that the alternatives (salt, sugar, saturated and other fats) are good for you. If you are afraid of MSG: don't compensate by eating more salt. If you are afraid of aspartame and HFCS: realize that sugar is unhealthy as well. If you are afraid of trans fat: realize that trans fat free French fries are still unhealthy and at best only marginally better than other fries.

Instead of focusing on how to make your junk food less unhealthy, focus on making your diet more healthy: eat more vegetables.

July 31, 2006