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Exercise for busy parents

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Yes, you know exercise is important. Every time you see a new study that finds even more reasons why [1], you cringe, because you really should exercise more. When you have small children, finding time to exercise can be a struggle. I am so glad I started living healthier when my daughter was a baby. It is much harder to get enough exercise now that she is a toddler. Nevertheless, here are some tips to incorporate exercise into your busy life.

  • Take the stairs. Walking up and down stairs is great exercise. It is weight bearing so it is good for your bones as well as your heart. You can do this at any time of the day. Do not just take the stairs if you have to go upstairs, just do it regularly. If you have a small child, you can take him with you in a backpack.
  • Walk. When my daughter was smaller this was my sole method of exercise. I walked for hours a day with her in a baby carrier (I recommend the Kozy and the Ergo). Walking with a baby in a baby carrier is even better than walking with a baby in a stroller, because the extra weight makes the exercise better for your bones.
  • Run in the park. Dance. Play ball. Have fun and play with your children. Exercise is important for them too. Every five minutes help.
  • Do an exercise video. Either with your kids, or when they are asleep. I have heard good things about t-tapp.
  • Do an exercise game. I like Yourself Fitness, which is more like a personal trainer. Dance Dance Revolution (for PS2 and Xbox) and other dance games look like great options if your children are older.


  1. Yet another reason to exercise: Physical exercise for a better brain:
    Most of us know that physical exercise is good for our general health, but did you know that physical exercise is also good for your brain? If you think you’re going to get smarter sitting in front of your computer or watching television, think again. Here scientists present the evidence that a healthy human being is a human doing.

April 15, 2006