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Introduction to Human Nutrition

If, like me, you learned everything about nutrition from scattered pieces of information online, you may be interested in Berkeley University's Introduction to Human Nutrition for a general introduction to the topic. These are unedited lectures that are distributed as podcasts (mp3 files).

I listened to some excerpts and learned some new things:

  1. According to the professor, high fructose corn syrup is probably not that evil, because it contains glucose and fructose in approximately the same amounts as table sugar. I am always a bit suspicious when I see people from the US blame HFCS as the most important cause for the obesity epidemic. In the Netherlands, sodas (and ketchup) are still sweetened with sugar, but obesity is becoming a major problem here as well.
  2. The professor says that the normal treatment for type II diabetes is exercise and a change of diet. I was surprised to hear this, since in my experience practically all diabetics get insulin. Of course I know about the dramatic effects diet and exercise can have, but I did not realize these views were mainstream, and I wonder why our doctors haven't caught up.
  3. The professor called bok choy a good source of calcium, equal to milk. Of course she did mention that you would have to eat a lot of bok choy, as if that is a problem, but it is good to hear a professor mention the importance of green vegetables.

Understanding Nutrition (with CD-ROM and InfoTrac) (Understanding Nutrition)

I learn much better from a book, but if you are into podcasts, this may be a useful resource. If you are also a book person: the standard nutrition textbook (also used in this course) is Understanding Nutrition.

March 24, 2006