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Introduction to Sports Nutrition

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The Montana State University offers an interesting course on sports nutrition online. It is geared towards the winter Olympics, but it the science is applicable to any sport. It is very school-y, with questions and answers that say ding-ding when you click on them. If you are interested in nutrition and do any form of exercise, you should check it out.

Contents of the Course

This course explores the science of sports nutrition and shows how to apply nutrition principles to benefit an athlete's training and performance.

  • Fuel Movement and Sport
    • Introduction
    • Muscle contraction
    • Fast & slow fibers
    • Energy: How & where is it stored?
    • How far can a person run?
    • What fuels are used for exercise?
    • When is each fuel used?
    • Intensity
    • Duration
    • Training
    • Nutrition
    • Gender
    • References
  • Eat for Performance
    • Introduction
    • Energy balance
    • Fluid balance
    • Fueling cycle
    • What can foods and fluid do for you?
      • Pre-exercise
      • During exercise
      • During recovery
    • Athlete's eating plan
    • Calorie goals
    • Calorie values
    • Food processing takes time
    • Carbohydrate goals
    • Protein goals
    • Fat goals
    • Vitamins & minerals
    • Your nutrition numbers
    • Sports drinks
    • References
  • Athlete Profiles
  • Nutrition at the Olympics
  • Additional Information
    • Food Guide Pyramid
    • Resources
    • Credits
    • Course Objectives
    • About the Author

Nutrition Science & the Olympics (part of the university's 1998 Winter Olympics courses website).


Introduction to Human Nutrition

April 25, 2006