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New and Improved Bitter Poison

I am back. Sort of. As you can see, I changed the website, mostly to make older articles more accessible. I plan to start writing some new articles again as well, but not on a regular schedule.

Apart from the updated layout and the different colors, I also removed the advertisements from Google. I already removed most of them months ago, but now they are all gone. I did not like most of the companies that I promoted through those advertisements so it did not make sense to keep those ads. I kept the affiliate links to websites that I recommend and I added advertisements to my Amazon store with books about nutrition and vegan cookbooks. All the books in this store are books that I honestly recommend. If you buy something from Amazon after following a link from this website, I will get a small commision and it does not cost you anything extra. I know some people will dislike all advertising: if you are one of them please go ahead and block my ads.

For the moment, comments do not work. I may add comments to articles again at some point, but I also may not. If you want to say something to me, you can of course e-mail me at helena at bitterpoison. Some tools that practically nobody used also do not work for the moment. It is likely that there will be some other glitches, since I moved the site from Wordpress to a home-brewed Django application. I am stil working on some minor things like putting all articles in the correct category. If you encounter any problems: please let me know.

November 24, 2007