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See the damage to your arteries

arteries of a 50 year old woman

Arteries of a 50 year old woman. The picture above shows arteries that are the result of normal aging. The picture below shows arteries that are the result of unhealthy aging.

Image Copyright Alexander Tsiaras, from the book: The Invision Guide to A Healthy Heart, Harper Collins, 2005.

I bought an amazing little book at a book fair today: The Invision Guide to a Healthy Heart by Alexander Tsiaras. The book tells in stunning pictures what heart disease looks like, from the inside. I am not a visual learner, but I found this book fascinating, especially coupled with recent information about how even one high saturated fat meal clogs your arteries. Of course I know what I have to do to keep my heart healthy, but a healthy heart was always an abstract concept for me. This books lays it out in wonderfully clear pictures.

There is also a website, but I did not find it as comprehensive as the book. Amazon offers to look inside the book (this works if you are logged in to your account and if you ordered from them before); if you need additional motivation to eat healthy, I highly recommend it.

September 4, 2006