On this page, I explain why I recommend Dr Fuhrman's products.

Dr Fuhrman's diet

Dr Fuhrman, in my opinion, is a doctor that "get's it". A doctor that does not focus on how to cure a specific disease, but on how to be healthy. Not just now, but for the rest of our lives. He is not a doctor that recommends veganism because of a secret animal rights agenda, in fact, he doesn't recommend veganism at all and isn't a vegan himself. He does say that if you do choose to eat animal products they should be a small part of your diet. Your diet should be based on vegetables, as shown in the pyramid on this page. It can be either vegan or mostly vegan. Dr Fuhrman has written multiple books about healthy eating, each focusing on a different angle.

They're all good books and the diet recommendations are basically the same. If you want to lose weight fast, Eat to Live is the recommended way to go. If you get motivated by reading about why specifically, say, mushrooms are so good for preventing cancer, I recommend reading Super Immunity. I doubted whether I should buy Super Immunity because I figured I already know all this, but I learned a lot of interesting things.

The Member Center

If you want to eat healthier I think his Member Center is a great help. The main benefits are:

There are different levels of membership. I find that even the cheapest level, at 3.95 USD a month, is very helpful. This level gets you access to all the newsletters, the recipe database and read-only access to the forums (including the Ask the Doctor section and its archives).