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Eat less, live more

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In many weight loss groups boosting your metabolism is a hot issue. People always seem to want to know how to trick their bodies so that they can eat more and still lose weight. This may not be smart. Recent research confirms what we know from earlier studies: people who eat less are healthier and may live longer.

Earlier this year researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine found that the hearts of people on high-nutrient, low-calorie diets functioned like the hearts of much younger people. Last week, they presented a new study that found that people that had been on a restricted calorie diet for six months had:

  • lower insulin levels
  • a lower metabolic rate
  • a lower core body temperature
  • less DNA damage
These characteristics are associated with lower rates of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

The researchers admit more studies are needed, but the results so far are interesting. If severe calorie restriction is too extreme for you: don't despair; restricting calories every other day may be just as effective.


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April 13, 2006