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Portion distortion in Texas

tennis ball portion

Brooks tells the students that 12 baby carrots will count for two servings from the vegetable group. "Remember, if you're getting more carrots you need to count them out because that's another serving," Brooks reminds the class.

Schools in Texas are combating the obesity epidemic by teaching children about portion sizes of vegetables. Apparently our children are obese because they eat way too much leafy greens and need to be taught that an appropriate portion is about the size of a tennis ball or a yo-yo.

I am all for teaching children the basics of a healthy diet, and I am convinced portion sizes are a big factor in the obesity epidemic, but come on, it is portions of milkshakes, french fries and other fast food that are the problem. The only problem with vegetables is that people do not eat enough of them.


Texas Students Learn About Portion Sizes

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April 17, 2006