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It is always interesting to see the logs for this weblog. I was shocked to find out that quite a few people find my blog after searching for sentences like is kale a poison or raspberries poison. It makes we want to scream to the other side of the screen: Kale is good for you! Berries are not poison! Do not be afraid of healthy whole foods!

But what about un-whole foods? Contrary to what the title of this blog suggests, I mostly talk about healthy foods. I think it is much more productive to focus on what you should eat, than it is to focus on what you should not eat. I do not like the food hypes that make us anxious to eat because everything is potentially dangerous. I also think they are dangerous in themselves, because there are so many dangerfoods that people start to think: well, doesn't everything cause cancer nowadays? instead of changing their habits.

On the other hand: if some foods really are bad for you, you should know about it so that you can limit or avoid those foods. It can be difficult to know what is a fad, and what is true. In the coming series, I will discuss today's four most controversial dangerfoods: MSG, Aspartame, HFCS and trans fats. Is HFCS really the culprit in the obesity epidemic? Does Aspartame give you cancer and MSG damage your brain? Is trans fat really to blame for about every modern disease there is? Stay tuned.

July 6, 2006